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There are times in our lives when we experience something that causes confusion or prevents us from understanding the truth. We see things with our own eyes and try to convince ourselves of what has happened by relying on preconceived notions. However, seeing is not always believing and not everything is always as it seems. You are about to embark on a journey that will open your mind to what lurks just beyond the grasp of man’s comprehension.

Welcome to Chronicles of the Enigmatic

This is an anthology audio drama podcast series consisting of stories about science fiction, the supernatural, horror, the unknown, and anything unusual. Each episode will be a self contained story roughly lasting anywhere between 25 to 50 minutes.

Creator, Writer, Producer, and Narrator / Alex Spivak
Character Dialogue / Varies by Episode (Go to Voice Artists Page)

 © &  2017-2018 Alex Spivak

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Voice Artists

Thank you to all the wonderful voice artists who have contributed to this show. Without them, this show wouldn't be what it is today. Please check out their information below, follow them on all their social media sites, and support them just as much as you do this show!

(In Alphabetical Order By Last Name)

Voice Artist Info

Ashleigh Aishwarya 

Bio: Singer-songwriter and (voice) actress from Singapore. Other loves in life include video gaming, reading, writing fan-fiction, skull accessories, jewelry, and stationery. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

Where to Find Ashleigh Online: Youtube // Tumblr // Instagram

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

AMber Dryden

Bio: Amber Dryden is a voice-over artist from the Lone Star State. She studied theatre arts as a youth in her hometown of Houston, TX. Amber cultivates her passion working full-time from her very own home studio. When she isn’t busy creating amazing character voices, Amber enjoys spending time with her family, watching her beloved Dallas Cowboys play football, traveling, and singing karaoke. She has been working very hard on several upcoming projects featured on Soundcloud and YouTube set to release in early 2018.

Where to Find Amber Online: Instagram // Facebook // LinkedIn // Website //

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

Aldon Jacob

Bio: Aldon Jacob is a San Francisco Bay Area native. Aldon works in radio, but dreams of voice acting as a career. His acting inspiration comes from years of watching WWE, anime, and playing many video games. He has many different interests from sports to Kpop. His girlfriend has been with him since 2008 and he plans to marry her.

Where to Find Aldon Online: Twitter // Instagram

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

Matthew Koser

Bio: Matthew, called Koser by friends, is working towards a career in voice acting, with the goal of providing voices for animations and video games. In the meantime, he involves himself in whatever projects he can, and is currently the voice of 9 other characters.

Where to Find Matthew Online: // Casting Call Club

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

Robert Leahr

Bio: Robert is an avid gamer who has always been fascinated by Seiyu and Initial D. He has no prior voice acting experience, but if you like what you hear, please contact him.

Where to Find Robert Online: Instagram //

Heard in Episode 3 - Remember Me

Hayley Neessen

Bio: Hi, I'm Hayley, and I've been voice acting for 3 years and singing for 9! I'm in a couple of video games, but right now I'm focusing on fan projects and choruses online!
Where to Find Hayley Online: Twitter // Youtube // Casting Call Club

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

Erik Peabody

BIO: Erik is an audio engineer and voice actor in Santa Cruz, California.  His voice work has been featured in several short films and audio dramas, and his audio work has been included in materials by Survios ("Raw Data"), Supercell ("Clash Royale") and 2K Games ("Mafia III").  Erik is always interested in providing his voice and audio work to new projects.

Where to Find Erik Online: WEBSITE //

Examples of Work: Voice // Voice & Music // Music

Heard in Episode 3 - Remember Me

Claudia Rivera

Bio: I have been voice acting since I was 13 (a little more than 5 years now), and I love singing, acting, writing, and going on adventures.

Where to Find Claudia Online: Casting Call Club

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices


Bio: Hello, my name is Clare (although I prefer to go by Kaede), and I'm a 20-year-old nerd who loves to sing and voice act! I'm very pleased I was able to participate in this project and I do hope you all enjoy listening to it! And finally, I'd like to thank Alex for having me!

Where to Find Clare Online: Casting Call Club // Tumblr

Heard in Episode 5 - Voices

Alex Spivak

Creator, writer, producer, and narrator of Chronicles of the Enigmatic.

See the About page for more info.

Where to Find Alex Online: Right here.

Heard doing various voices in all the episodes.

Holly Standbrook

Bio: Super nerdy voice actress, ukulele tinkler, nature lover, player of video games, old book sniffer, tiny wizard maker, superhero wannabe, ginger cat owner.

Where to Find Holly Online: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Heard in Episode 4 - Jenny's Final Message

Ashton THornton

No bio or picture given.

Heard in Episode 3 - Remember Me

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